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Update: Shoulder Pain Reduced with CBD Oil


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This video is an update about how I am doing after using CBD for about 8 weeks- the key is consistent daily use. If I skip my morning shot, the old symptoms come back pretty quickly. The best way to look at this is maintenance- as we age, our bodies are definitely changing and wearing out- especially our joints. We aren’t going to reverse aging that I know of anyway but we can certainly and in a completely natural manner, alleviate their constant ravages by taking CBD oil every day. Cannabidiol is a completely naturally occurring substance we have been given access to that will keep our neuro/nervous system in homeostasis- in balanced, efficient equilibrium. I like helping my body heal itself and the science, US patent and case studies bear that out over and over.

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In the next video I’m going to give an overall progress report on using CBD over 6 weeks: https://youtu.be/MF2-8Q5JmMs



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