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If you’re a fan of concentrate vape pens, the rosin cartridges for sale at your dispensary alongside the more familiar brands may have piqued your interest. You may find yourself wondering what exactly are rosin cartridges? How are they different from the regular vape pen cartridges that you buy? Are they worth the extra cost?

Rosin cartridges have been multiplying on cannabis dispensary shelves across the country in recent years, so it’s worth delving into this new product to explain exactly what rosin cartridges are and why they have been growing in popularity among cannabis consumers. 

What is Rosin?

When it comes to concentrates, the goal is always to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material into a potent substance much stronger than buds alone. The most common way to get THC and its friends out of plants and gathered all together in one place is a method known as hydrocarbon extraction. This is usually done with a solvent like butane. Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction is accomplished by blasting ground-up plant matter with a hydrocarbon solvent under high pressure. 

The resulting sticky brown or yellow liquid – containing all the plant’s resins and terpenes – is then dried and processed into concentrate. Ideally, nearly all of the solvent is removed from the final product using a process like Closed Loop Extraction, which separates and recycles the solvent using a vacuum pump. This is all done without exposing the product or solvents to the air. 


An example of freshly pressed rosin.

As cannabis technology has advanced, there has been a push from consumers for more natural cannabis products that don’t use solvents. The worry is that too much exposure to solvents, even at their extremely small percentages in most concentrates, could be harmful for your health. This is especially the case for medical cannabis patients whose immune systems are already compromised. Such concern has led to the popularity of non-solvent concentrate techniques used in products like ice water (bubble) hash. This method uses ice water and micron screens to concentrate trichomes and resin. Many consumers report that solventless concentrates also taste better, and provide a full-spectrum experience.

Rosin is one of the newest techniques for extracting cannabinoids and terpenes into concentrate without involving hydrocarbon extraction. The new process doesn’t use chemicals at all, which is a huge bonus in terms of both product safety and ease of production. Instead, the process that extracts rosin is a combination of heat and pressure. By using this method, producers can instantaneously extract a potent resinous sap from their plant matter, hash, or keif. This cannabinoid and terpene rich, full melt hash oil boasts a high THC percentage as well as a full flavor profile.

Rosin Extraction vs Hydrocarbon Extraction

There are many benefits to rosin extraction over other concentrates, but for producers one of the biggest benefits lies in its speed. Traditional extraction methods like Butane Hash Oil can take days to process and requires a lot of work to get right. Producers have to run tests to make sure that nearly all the solvent has been extracted from the final product since those chemicals can be harmful to health. 

Compared to hydrocarbon extraction, rosin extraction happens almost instantly. 

After the heat and pressure is applied, a thick, gooey substance the color of amber extrudes from the plant matter. The resulting concentrate doesn’t require any additional cleaning or removal of chemicals afterwards. There has never been a faster, easier, and safer way to produce full-melt hash oil, which is why many producers are switching over to rosin and building industrial sized presses to extract it. 

For consumers, the main benefit is the lack of chemical additives and the full spectrum potency. Rosin contains the same amount of cannabinoids and terpenes as BHO concentrates like wax or shatter but is produced completely naturally. It vaporizes just the same as other concentrates when hit with a dab nail or other high temperature surface and provides the same strength for the consumer.  

What are Rosin Cartridges?

As a full melt hash oil, the easiest way to consume rosin is by vaporizing it at high temperatures, similar to wax or shatter. Rosin’s thick, viscous consistency makes it much harder to vaporize at the lower temperatures used by standard vape pens.

However, because rosin is so easy to produce and so popular for its flavor and potency, weed scientists went to work on finding a solution. Through a lot of fine-tuning and trial and error, producers have figured out how to cut the rosin’s consistency without diluting its strength or quality. Because of this, rosin can now be purchased in a standard vape cartridge that can be screwed into a normal pen for easy, on-the-go consumption. 

Why Have Rosin Cartridges Become So Popular?

The convenience of a vape pen is hard to beat. They’re easy to use. They’re nearly odorless and discrete. They’re relatively cheap and you almost always have a range of brands and strains to try. There’s no need to buy any extra equipment beyond a battery and they slide into your pocket, purse, or fanny pack. When you combine the ease and functionality of vape pens with the potency of rosin, you’re checking all the boxes for many cannabis consumers. Additionally, they’re a preferred option for the health conscious, since they contain absolutely zero chemical residue from any hydrocarbon solvents. Rosin cartridges are also much stronger than a normal vape cartridge, which gives the consumer a much larger bang for a couple more bucks. Rosin cartridges are more likely to be naturally full spectrum, without having to have terpenes and cannabinoids added back in post-extraction like with regular vape pens. This means a much more pleasant and noticeable aroma and taste. 

Final Notes

In conclusion, for a higher price than a normal vape pen, consumers are getting a strong, clean, and flavorful cartridge that can still be used on their regular vape pen battery. This is why rosin cartridges are considered the most high-end, on-the-go cartridge that you can purchase. 

So, the next time you’re at a dispensary with a little extra money to burn, consider buying a rosin cartridge to screw into your vape pen. Find out for yourself why these cartridges are becoming a new favorite for cannabis consumers across the country.

Do you prefer rosin cartridges over other extracts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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