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What is CBD Oil? CBD For Back Pain, Inflammation: Answers by a Compound Pharmacist


WHAT IS CBD OIL? CBD FOR BACK PAIN, INFLAMMATION: ANSWERS BY A COMPOUND PHARMACIST // One of the most common questions that I get today with treating pain is, What is CBD? Can it help my pain? can it help my inflammation? What are the CBD benefits? Tom Schnorr educates us on CBD side effects, CBD for dogs, CBD oil vs hemp oil. CBD for arthritis, CBD benefits for pain, CBD chronic pain, CBD oil dosage for pain, CBD explained.

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Stephen & Cheryl Dunn are the co-founders of CORE Therapy & Pilates in Austin. Stephen is a Holistic Physical Therapist and Cheryl is a Pilates & GYROTONIC(R) Master Trainer. In this video, Stephen interviews Tom Schnorr, Pharmacist from Austin Compounding Pharmacy… Watch the video to learn more…

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