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Yo Papyrus, these edibles ain't shit…


It’s 1am. The rain is coming down hard, but the sound of it is slightly muffled by the roff above your head. As you lay in your bed, you feel yourself enter a state of sleep. You are then awoken by the sudden sound of your door squeaking open. Your eyes shoot open. You glance at your door. It’s closed. You scan the room. Nothing. You blame the noise on your imagination and you rest your head back onto your pillow. Suddenly you hear another sound. Your heart almost jumps straight out your chest. It sounded like a quick deep tone. Almost digital in nature. You scan the room. This time, you see some thing illuminated by the light of the street lamp shining through your window. It’s ice white with a blue hoodie black shorts and pink sneakers. Before you know, it pounces on you in the blink of an eye.

All you see is black…



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