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How To Make Gummy Edibles In 10 Minutes | QUICK & EASY


Happy Weed Wednesday! This week I’m showing y’all how to make gummy edibles in just 10 minutes! These gummy edibles not only masks the cannabutter taste but they taste just like any ordinary gummy! Whatever the occasion is, these gummies are sure to have you BAKED.

I am using 3 tablespoons of 1000mg cannabutter which equals to 100mg per tablespoon. I made 27 gummies and each gummy was 11 mg.

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Total Time: 20 minutes

– Cannabutter
– Jello Mix
– Gelatin

– Add water to a pot
– Melt cannabutter on low heat
– After cannabutter is melted, add gelatin and mix till dissolved
– Add jello mix
– Still on low heat, mix for 5-7 minutes
– Pour the mixture in molds
– Place in refrigerator for 30-45 minutes


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