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UK’s first cannabis patient support group- “We’re here to ensure that patients are heard”


UK’s first cannabis patient support group- “We’re here to ensure that patients are heard”
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We spoke with UPA founder and director Clark French of the United Patients Alliance at this year’s Product Earth Festival in Warwickshire, to talk about the importance of elevating patient’s voices.

“What is at the heart of UPA is patients, and ensuring that we have a voice said Clark French.

He added, “There’s a lot of change coming, slowly but surely coming, and we’re here to ensure that patients are heard.”

French and the UPA team exist to make sure that when an industry does grow, that there is a framework in place to benefit patients first and foremost.

“We don’t want a two-tier system where some people are criminalized and some people, because of a certain tick box on a paper, are no longer criminalized.

“However, that is probably the system that the government wants to put in place, so this is why it’s so important that we’re there.”

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